The team

The team - Groupe Sabec
Alain Roberge - Groupe Sabec

Alain Roberge

General director

Alain is passionate about entrepreneurship and loves connecting with others. He’s a creative thinker and always has a plan in mind!

Jerry - Groupe Sabec


Assistance dog

Jerry enjoys helping his master Sabrina get around. All he wants in return is some kibble and a few strokes!

Sabrina Bergeron - Groupe Sabec

Sabrina Bergeron

HR Generalist

Sabrina is known for her ability to listen to others and offer great advice. She loves working as a team and isn’t afraid to try something new!

Michaël Boudreault - Groupe Sabec

Michaël Boudreault

Financial Controller

Michael is a young creative leader who loves learning and improvement. Not only is he very knowledgeable; he also has a calm, reassuring presence and is a pleasure to be around.

Pascal Dubois - Groupe Sabec

Pascal Dubois


You might say Pascal is a man of many talents but what he loves more than anything is designing and creating. With his experience and expertise, he’s always available to help his team when nothing is working—and he loves it!

Bruno Tremblay - Groupe Sabec

Bruno Tremblay

Account director

Bruno is definitely a people person with a strong client focus. True to our values, he’s a man of integrity!

Fabien Gosselin - Groupe Sabec

Fabien Gosselin

Receiving/shipping clerk

Fabien is all about order and consistency. He’s a man of his word and isn’t afraid of hard work. You can always count on him.

Alex Bergeron - Groupe Sabec

Alex Bergeron

Maintenance and welding supervisor

Whatever the problem, Alex is the man for the job! Multi-faceted and resourceful and also a volunteer first-aid worker, he’s always willing to learn new things and take on new challenges.

Mathieu Duval-Girard - Groupe Sabec

Mathieu Duval-Girard


Nicknamed the “Flash,” Mathieu is an incredibly talented welder and a real self-starter. He’s also creative and fairly competitive. If you’re used to thinking, You can do it fast, but you can’t do it well, let him prove you wrong!

Yannick Tremblay - Groupe Sabec

Yannick Tremblay


Yannick is a hard worker and detail-oriented. He also has a quirky sense of humour! His biggest source of pride: admiring the beauty of a finished product that stands up to the most demanding specifications!

Vincent Michaud-Myre - Groupe Sabec

Vincent Michaud-Myre


Vincent is super knowledgeable about all kinds of things! He has exacting standards and is loved by colleagues for his sense of humour and good nature.

Jessica Lavoie - Groupe Sabec

Jessica Lavoie

Main operator EDM

Jessica never backs down from a challenge! She has a quiet strength but is also a very committed and conscientious employee.

Josée Bouchard - Groupe Sabec

Josée Bouchard

EDM operator

Josée is persistent and brings joy and positivity to everyone around her. She loves getting involved in the workplace and enjoys a sense of accomplishment!

Danny Nicolas - Groupe Sabec

Danny Nicolas


Beneath Danny’s tough exterior is a kind and thoughtful glass-half-full kind of guy. Determined and hard-working, Danny takes pride in a job well done. It’s easy to see what makes him such a valued member of our team!

Vickie Bouchard - Groupe Sabec

Vickie Bouchard

communications manager

Vickie’s a go-getter who’s known for her creativity and unique sense of humour! She’s super responsive to others’ needs and is able to juggle multiple projects at once, which makes her an invaluable asset to the company.

Cindy De Grand Maison - Groupe Sabec

Cindy De Grand Maison


Beneath her angelic appearance, Cindy hides an extraordinary strength of character. She amazes us with her courage and determination, there is nothing to test her! His colleagues particularly appreciate his openness, his curiosity and his thoroughness.