Dimar - 200-CT Countersink with Spiral Drill Carbide

Dimar's Carbide Tipped Countersinks are made of only top quality industrial grade carbide. Each Countersink has two flutes made of large carbide designed to fit your needs. The countersink can accept regular jobber drills or tampered drills. 

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SKU : 200-CT-3 D: 3/8" D2: 1/8" d: 5/16" 45.73 $
SKU : 200-CT-4.5 D: 7/16" D2: 11/64" d: 5/16" 35.45 $
SKU : 200-CT-5 D: 7/16" D2: 3/16" d: 3/8" 48.37 $
SKU : 200-CT-5B D: 1/2" D2: 3/16" d: 5/16" 38.75 $
SKU : 200-CT-6 D: 1/2" D2: 6mm d: 3/8" 46.23 $
SKU : 200-CT-3B D: 1/2" D2: 1/2" d: 5/16" 47.67 $
SKU : 200-CT-2.5 D: 8.5mm D2: 3/32" d: 5/16" 32.53 $
SKU : 200-CT-3.5 D: 10mm D2: 9/64" d: 5/16" 49.83 $
SKU : 200-CT-4 D: 10mm D2: 5/32" d: 5/16" 33.45 $

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