Royce//Ayr - R57-024/124 Downcut (Aluminium & plastique dur) 2 flutes

Good for routing hard plastics
and aluminum. End mill finish
for improved bottom finish in

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SKU : R57-02401 D: 1/8" b: 1/2" d: 1/4" L: 2" 31.80 $
SKU : R57-02402 D: 5/32" b: 9/16" d: 1/4" L: 2" 31.80 $
SKU : R57-02403 D: 3/16" b: 5/8" d: 1/4" L: 2" 31.80 $
SKU : R57-02405 D: 1/4" b: 3/4" d: 1/4" L: 2-1/2" 34.31 $

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