Royce//Ayr - S14 Combination

Industrial saw blades for all around general purpose. Will rip and cross cut solid wood as well as cut panel materials.

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SKU : 14100500 D: 10" k: 2.2.8mm/4.0mm/3.6mm H: 15° d: 5/8" Z: 50 137.73 $
SKU : 14120601 D: 12" k: 2.8mm/4.0mm H: 15° d: 1" Z: 60 188.37 $
SKU : 14140701 D: 14" k: 3.0mm/4.2mm H: 15° d: 1" Z: 70 259.49 $
SKU : 14160801 D: 16" k: 3.0mm/4.2mm H: 15° d: 1" Z: 80 326.06 $
SKU : 14180901 D: 18" k: 3.4mm/4.6mm H: 15° d: 1" Z: 90 355.23 $

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